4 Effective Content Syndication Trusted Formulas for Leads Generation

Content Syndication is one of the great ways to improve the leads generation efforts because it allows you to tap into a target audience which you have not been able to reach. This helps you to optimize your content and simply put it in front of a relevant demographic with high buying potential, so you’re not restricted to your immediate audience of subscribers and loyal followers.

After all, you put a lot of time and effort into creating high certified content, so it’s only natural that you had wanted to expand your reach so that more prospects can benefit from your offer. This is the point where effective content syndication works like a charm.

Here are the 4 effective content syndication trusted formulas to optimise your content :

Set specific goals

Follow content syndication to generate more leads by putting your content in front of an extensive range of audience. But, it’s not enough to know that. You need to define the specifics of what exactly you’re aiming for. It’s best to identify your objectives down to the most granular level.

Align your content to specific stages of your sales funnel

Knowing what your prospects require depending on which stage of the sales funnel they’re in, and that will help inform the type of content you are going to utilize.

Never compromise on quality

Always come up with high-quality content, crafted to resonate with your target audience and to help them in different ways. Provide something valuable and make it so entertaining, informative, and easy to digest as possible. Always keep in mind that your basic goals are to build authority and drive relevant traffic, so the quality of your syndicated content is so critical.

Provide content which attracts users

If your content is available on the web, then try to make sure that you can capture contact details and other relevant prospect information where possible. You can simply achieve this by linking your syndicated content to your gated content that requires prospects to provide contact details in order to access it.
Most of the readers nowadays prefer to read content in the following set of formats: e-books, case studies, research reports, webinars, whitepapers, worksheet templates, and checklists.


Content syndication is an excellent way to improve your search engine rankings, establish thought leadership, and widen your reach via demand generation marketing. It’s important to continue nurturing the relationship which you have started by following up with new leads. Now keep your target audience engaged by sending more relevant content through their way to drive them along the sales funnel.


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