5 Skyrocketing Revenue Tactics with Email Personalization.

6 Skyrocketing revenue tactics with Email Personalization - Engage48.com

Nowadays, if you see, automation is everywhere. Emails are sent in bulk amounts by companies to grab audience as many as they can. In this process, they failed to reach the target audience in a personalized way. Email personalization is not only expected by consumers but also necessary to help you increase conversions. This is something that you have to really look in.

According to Salesforce, 76% of consumers expect that companies have a better understanding of their needs and expectations. And 84% said that they enjoy being treated as real people, instead of as just numbers.

Sending email is one of the great medium to reach the target audience. It is a cost-effective solution to communicate with your audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions. So, there are more chances of skyrocketing your revenue if you use an email campaign in a correct and personalized way. According to a research by the Boston Consulting Group, you can increase your revenue by 6 to 10 percent if you employ this personalized email strategy.

You should leave no page unturned while exercising personalization with your customers. Here are some of the latest email personalization techniques that harness the power of personalization to build better relationships with potential customers and drive more sales.

1. Segmentation.

Segmenting your customers should be the first ever step in personalization. You will not be able to personalize if you don’t divide your customers into groups based on common characteristics and their behavior. Geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral commonalities are the four basic criteria for segmentation. Based
on these factors, you can personalize all your marketing efforts.

According to Campaign Monitor, segmented campaigns have led to revenue increases as high as 760%.

The effective way to segment your audience for personalization is to simply ask the right questions. Asking customers their reasons for visiting your website, becoming a user, or subscribing to your email can be remarkably easy, but invaluable. It can give you insightful data that can lead to your business sending incredibly targeted emails.

Continue to update your customer data and refine the segmentation as subscribers interact with your content, make purchases, edit their preferences, or add personal information. That will allow you to send them the most relevant content and offers, which will result in better engagement and conversion.

2. Rich Content and Exciting Offers.

After segmentation, it’s time to deliver some dynamic content with exciting offers.

When you talk about email personalization, the email content should be in such a way so that a person read all the content rather than unsubscribing from your emails. Whatever you are sending should be relevant. Enclosing some offers and discounts is must to grab the interest of a customer.

You can enjoy the increase in click-through rates and conversions by personalizing your offers. Savvy marketers will use data to create customer profiles and then create different content offers for different types of subscribers. You may have the best offer in the entire world, but if it’s not relevant to your customers,
they won’t care about it. Use data to personalize offers to each of your subscribers

3. Personalized CTAs and Landing Pages.

An effective call-to-action (CTA) is vital because it has the power to convert. While personalizing your emails and website, make it a point to personalize your CTAs too.

As the name suggests, a call-to-action should be action-oriented. Make it personal. iMPACT ran an A/B test of a personalized and a non-personalized CTA button. In a month’s time, they found a 78.5% increase in conversions with the personalized one.

Make your CTA button copy relevant to your product or offer. Make it a button which solves a problem that your customer might be facing. Do not use generic words like “submit” or “download.”

When we talk about CTA buttons, landing pages are clearly going to come into the picture. Start tracking what consumers are doing on your website. For example, track the products they are viewing and adding to their carts, what they’re buying, and what they have purchased before.

Based on all of these, create a personalized offer or landing page for your website visitors. They might be surprised by your diligence to make them feel special. Above everything, they will be happy and that can help increase your conversions.

4. Automate Behavioural-Triggered Emails.

Behavior-triggered emails are real-time reactions to how your customers are using your product.

Thankfully, today’s email automation technology means you have to strategically map out the workflows only once; the software will do the rest for you.

Emails can be triggered to send at a particular time or after a certain action is taken to deliver a relevant and personalized experience that will also help increase engagement.

Here are a few examples of timely triggered emails:

  • A reminder about items left in the cart (to reduce cart-abandonment rates and increase conversions)
  • A reorder reminder for items that a customer has purchased in the past
  • An email featuring a special offer on products a recipient may like based on browsing behaviors or recent purchases.

5. Personalized customer experience.

To maximize your email marketing ROI, design a personalized purchase experience based on subscribers’ interactions with your content.

The landing page content should match the targeted messaging you sent to each audience segment, and it should be relevant to their customer lifecycle stages so that it delivers a seamless experience.

In addition, by using 360-degree customer profiles in a centralized data management system, you can deliver personalized product recommendations across all touchpoints to further increase conversion rates.


A personalized website with personalized content is something that you must have to engage and convert your customers better. With the help of a top email service provider, you can personalize messages using data, dynamic content, segmentation, and more. Although there are many technologies to choose from, first and foremost you need to design a customer-centric experience.

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