7 Fabulous Ways to Reach Your Audience in a Personalised Way

7 Fabulous Ways to Reach Your Audience in a Personalised way - Engage48

Marketers are in a race to capture and hold the attention of target audiences. Yet on the open road of the internet, it can sometimes feel like we don’t know which way is correct to reach your audience.

If you’re spending more time aligning your campaigns and content in a cohesive manner than distributing them, it may be time to review your go-to-market strategy. Due to the volume and pace of communications today, it’s critical to leverage a self-sustaining strategy that reduces the number of times your content needs to be rebuilt or manually placed for personalization.

Knowing how to reach your audience means knowing their activities. This also means breaking through a ton of clutter from the many other companies competing for your customers’ attention.

Do you know how to reach your audience? Do you know what they think about, what they respond to, and what they want to see?

In this blog, we’ll take you through seven personalization techniques that can help you increase engagement while reducing the strain of developing more content:

Do some homework.

Yes. Do some homework before hitching your target audience. What do they look like? Where do they shop? What do they eat? What music do they love? …. It’s easier to find an audience in this manner than to start too broad and spend months scaling down.

Segment your audience.

Create messaging segments that are strategically manageable, yet distinctive enough to produce an impact so that you can scale your efforts. As you’re thinking about your go-to-market approach, start by defining commonalities in audience interests and solutions, then place audiences into respective messaging groups that have similar needs.

Automate Marketing Where You Can.

With all the technology we have at our disposal, we’d be negligent not to employ it for the furthering of our message as well as better targeting of our audience. Marketing automation tools make it much more manageable to create and syndicate content that is on target, down to the individual level. Dynamic content, personalized emails, conditional workflows — it’s all inside and it works.

Categorize your buyers.

Many platforms are built to deliver the promise of one-to-one marketing, but the reality is many segments of customers will respond to customized ads. Instead of trying to drill down to the individual, find different categories, be it B2B or B2C, C-level or procurement, etc., and create content that resonates with each group. Personalize this. The individual level simply isn’t scalable.

Communicate with them based on their behavior.

We support behavior changing through communication. This can be achieved by organizing customers into behavioral categories and personalizing campaigns based on behavior preferences. For example, a “playful” behavior segment will respond better when everything is presented in a playful style that aligns with their own, while “analytic” behavior segments want clear statements

Make your website visible.

You should build scalability into your website design to support your go-to-market strategy. Modern web design leverages referential content that can be tagged and accessed through object-oriented databases–the most notable being WordPress, which allows users to manage content categorically. A properly managed website will incorporate audience personalization into its core structure, allowing you to place content into appropriate parts of your site through system-supported tags.

Leverage social communities.

Targeting an audience by building and/or participating in social communities can be a strategic advantage. Both B2C and B2B decision makers want to engage and learn from peers, and Facebook or LinkedIn Groups provide that forum. Brands can then listen and participate, and over time they can activate this audience in a way that paid social targeting cannot.


As the volume of communication continues to grow, marketers that personalize the experience and messaging for their target audiences will rise to the top. While it may seem like a daunting task, proper planning and tools can help you support a sustainable program for audience-oriented messaging.

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