Account Based Marketing Agency

Increase your chances of sales closure with ABM Leads

Our ABM program model uncovers intent from buying committees through account based content syndication and content micro sites

The Right Accounts

Add the right accounts and buying committees therein by leveraging Engage48 inhouse datapoints. You can also add accounts through your third party subscribed intent feeds

The Right Content

Dedicated and branded content microsites populated with your branded and expert third party content. Content types include blog, white papers, webinars, case studies etc.

The Right Engagement

We amplify content microsite to our active global community of senior decision makers across IT, finance, marketing, HR and other business functions and transfer insights and leads

Account Based Marketing – Higher ROI with Less Risk and Waste

Account based marketing (ABM) is widely recognized as an effective strategy for business-to-business marketers. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, 92% of companies recognize the value of ABM and see it as a “must have” for their B2B marketing strategies.

Accounts matter in B2B because there can be as many as 6-16 individuals involved in technology or business purchase decision. You need to reach a wide range of decision-makers – from the IT help desk guy to the CEO. Within your key accounts, evangelists are promoting your company – and they are sometimes not visible actively

Why ABM Works

Marketers love ABM because it delivers great ROI. But there are other benefits, too. With all of Engage48’s ABM services at your disposal, there is less waste and less risk, as marketing budgets are spent specifically on the accounts that have been identified as having the most revenue potential. In addition, sales alignment is crystal clear, and it is easy to keep marketing and sales on the same page.

Generally, ABM solutions work best for:

  • Alignment – Align marketing efforts with sales targets
  • Intelligence – Gather intelligence to support sales discussions
  • Insights – Get insight into buying committees
  • Customization – Tailor messaging and content by individual and buying group

Engage48’s integrated ABM approach

Client customizes the Engage48’s ABM services. And unlike some ABM providers, that are only able to target on an account level, Engage48 offers an integrated program that allows you to target both accounts and buying committees within those accounts.

Custom ABM solutions will include some or all of the following:

  • Data – used for internal marketing efforts, inbound campaigns, and drip marketing
  • Behavioral & intent overlays – to score your existing account data
  • Content syndication/lead generation – targeting individuals at specific named accounts
  • Retargeting & audience extensions – Continue to reach the target audience across the Web
  • Organizational mapping & data research – human research efforts against specific accounts
  • Market research – dig deeper and gain more insights with a market research survey

Content Led ABM Programs

Expert Content
Buyer Research
Intent Insights
Content Microsites

When everything is automated these days, what matters is what you say and how you say it. There is never a better time for you to differentiate your messaging to your target accounts through simple, contextual and personalized content. Our Content Led ABM programs helps you create new content and repurpose your existing content to serve the right accounts at the right time

Our content team helps you create useful and targeted microsites with your ABM accounts in mind from a neutral third party position. Syndicate expert third party and your content and generate actionable intent data insights which are not available anywhere else. Bring in B2B influencers and get client senior decision makers to engage with them while gathering insights from the front row

Growing B2B Buyer Data Points

Leverage 50m+ IT and Business Buyer Data Intelligence

We are able to leverage 50m+ buyer data, which are constantly updated through proprietary tools and global data partnerships, to power your B2B marketing programs and derive consistent quality and quantity of leads. We are also able to deliver account based content syndication programs enriched with buying group data.

Our large audience allows us to track more than 1000 install bases in both software and hardware segments. Whether you are looking for specific demographics or technographics to filter out leads, we have the tech, data and 5-step quality process to deliver the right leads for your next marketing program

Who we’ve worked with

Our team has worked on B2B lead generation programs across enterprise, mid market and startup organizations


Success Stories

“They helped with comprehensive dealer contact data across EMEA market. Responsive agency to work with”

Marketing Director

Industrial Manufacturer

“We contracted them for a blended MQL and HQL campaign. They delivered on time with agreed budget and volume”

Demand Gen Manager

Saas startup

“They generated 25+ appointments in a quarter. Good quality leads – and good folks to work with”

Sales Director

Cloud Infra Enterprise