B2B Appointment Setting Services to Fuel Your Sales

Every client and their potential buyers are different, so we don’t use templates. Instead we delve deeper on the right buyer and her business need, and use personalized messaging that trigger higher response from your potential buyers. Our meeting setting efforts return solid ROI for you while saving your business costs

Quick Look

Generating appointments are never easy. We strive to reach your goals by adopting multiple channels and strategies. Some of the key highlights:

Global Program Coverage

Wide B2B Industry Coverage

Access to 2m+ company data

Target Entire Buying Committees

Appointments with Survey, Assessment

Access to 50m+ buyer data

Contact buyers thru Email, Social, Call

ABM Appointment Generation

Weekly Reporting, Tracking of Progress

Modern Sales Game is Changing

The dynamics of sales are ever-changing, frequent updates and technological advancement, have made sales cycle more unpredictable, competitive, and influencer based. The biggest challenge appointment setters face today is identifying the right accounts and decision makers to reach out to. Connecting with the relevant target audience helps you build the right connects that can convert into sales.

Engage48 leverages 12+ datapoints such as account intelligence, buyer behavior, social feeds, targeted content consumption patterns and intent data to select the right accounts and buying committees for the appointment setting program so your sales team can focus on conversions and closing the deals. By default, our BDRs leverage multi-channel approach to reach out to the right buyers and set conversations and appointments rolling for you!

Sales Qualified Leads That Drive Your Revenues

Get more Qualified Sales Leads to your Account Executives and Sales Reps through our Appointment Setting Programs. The leads meet:

  • The ICP persona requirements
  • Aware about your offerings and has shown interest to learn more
  • Has answered some of the qualifying questions and passed the threshold lead score, and
  • Scheduled an appointment with one of your sales reps
Ready Leads Willing to Engage

Our team has done the heavy lifting in qualifying the right leads. Now they are ready to engage with your team

Budget and Authority

Your product or solution falls within the lead’s budget and the lead has a role in the decision-making process. 

Meeting Your Lead Criteria

We delve deep into intent data sources, account intelligence and buying committee research to get the right leads for you

Leads with Sense of Urgency

We score the leads and develop conversations with them to make sure that the need is imminent or within 3 months

Industries served

The different verticals for which Engage48 has specialized B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Programs include the following:

  • Saas, Software Products and Services
  • Bioinformatics
  • Healthcare, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing and Heavy Industries
  • Financial Services and more….

Growing B2B Buyer Data Points

Leverage 50m+ IT and Business Buyer Data Intelligence

We are able to leverage 50m+ buyer data, which are constantly updated through proprietary tools and global data partnerships, to power your B2B marketing programs and derive consistent quality and quantity of leads. We are also able to deliver account based content syndication programs enriched with buying group data.

Our large audience allows us to track more than 1000 install bases in both software and hardware segments. Whether you are looking for specific demographics or technographics to filter out leads, we have the tech, data and 5-step quality process to deliver the right leads for your next marketing program

Who we’ve worked with

Our team has worked on B2B lead generation programs across enterprise, mid market and startup organizations


Success Stories

“They helped with comprehensive dealer contact data across EMEA market. Responsive agency to work with”

Marketing Director

Industrial Manufacturer

“We contracted them for a blended MQL and HQL campaign. They delivered on time with agreed budget and volume”

Demand Gen Manager

Saas startup

“They generated 25+ appointments in a quarter. Good quality leads – and good folks to work with”

Sales Director

Cloud Infra Enterprise