B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Programs

Generating leads for B2B is not about using a “formula” that results in a ton of leads.  Instead, building the best lead generation strategy for your business is more about understanding tried-and-tested channels, and finding the most effective combination of tactics for your unique goals. A disciplined B2B marketer should use various B2B Lead Generation programs to get a properly qualified lead.



Here, we stated some of the B2B lead generation programs carried by us across various lead nurturing stages of a prospect or a lead.

a) B2B Content Syndication

When it comes to generating leads for B2B via content marketing, syndication is a must. Buzzwords have taken over the marketing world and the lines between content marketing and content syndication have become blurred. These are both concepts that are discussed widely among marketing experts but content syndication, in particular, can be a misunderstood concept.

The ‘rise’ of content syndication means that great content is no longer enough. You need to more than just create content, you need to make sure that it’s seen.

What is Content Syndication?

Like many marketing terms, content syndication has evolved to mean different things to different organizations. At Engage48, we define content syndication as the process of pushing your blog post, article, video or any piece of web-based content out to other third-parties who will then republish it on their own sites. This is where you take the asset you’ve created (E.g. white paper, blog post) and leverage it on different platforms as a lead magnet.

The Need for Content Syndication

Ask any thought leader or search marketer – high quality, relevant content is still one of the most important factors for ranking. B2B sites are, as a whole, publishing content more frequently every year to keep up with Google’s changes.

Now – publishing mass amounts of keyword oriented content can be great for rankings. But Google isn’t the one putting money in your pockets. Being satisfied with impressing Google isn’t enough. B2B content marketing requires walking a fine line between SEO and lead generation.

It’s vital that you can identify where your end customer consumes information and how to promote your content directly to them. It’s too passive to just publish content and hope that your readers read it and begin to associate your brand with expertise. Your content needs to be converting readers and generating leads for your pipeline.

So how can you leverage all the content you’ve created to generate leads for your business? That’s where content syndication comes in handy. See what are the benefits of content syndication.

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b) Business Leads and Appointment Setting Programs

A business lead is a prospective customer who is aware about your product/service and has shown interest to meet up with your sales rep to discuss his business requirement and evaluate product fit.

This is typically the stage after Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and could involve a series of steps educating, nurturing the prospect through multiple channels.

Stages involved in getting a customer - Engage48

At Engage48, we nurture the prospect through various stages across channels (social, voice, email etc) through personable and contextual content for optimum response. All positive responses with history of communication is transferred to your sales rep to enable the rep to have contextual conversation with the prospective customer.

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c) Event Audience Acquisition

According to Marketing profs B2B Lead Generation Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not, events are the second most effective way to generate B2B leads. Whether it’s executive events, tradeshows, conferences, webinars, virtual/on-demand events, or other event categories like user conferences, field events, roadshows, summits, symposiums, round-tables, executive briefings, channel forums and so forth – events are here to stay because they work.

 Challenges facing event marketing today

Although events are an essential part of most business-to-business marketing plans, event marketers today are facing more challenges than ever. Alongside the plethora of details that goes into planning an event of any kind, some of the challenges today include:

  • Smaller budgets – need to do more with less
  • Less time to get done what needs to get done
  • Increased event competition
  • Over-reliance on email: isn’t engaging optimally
  • Sales teams aren’t interested in helping with invites

The key to event marketing success: Engagement

Event promotion is all about getting people excited. The ability to spread a sense of urgency and energize people about an event is a key component of successful programs. That’s why using a mix of media when promoting an event is so critical. Because email-alone has become so cluttered, integrating it with other media like the power of voice to convey emotions and generate actions, along with media that isn’t yet overused like texts and notes, generates better results because it better engages would-be attendees.

Using a mix of media throughout the event promotion lifecycle

Engage48’s powerful “Attendance Builder” program uses our suite of services to integrate a mix of media, touches, and tools to create a complete B2B event marketing solution for you. Our event marketing solutions have been built to take little of your time, all while being highly cost-effective and fully integrated into your systems. Our process involves working with your clients to:

  • design workflows that use a mix of media while supporting your existing initiatives
  • build the programs, content and integration and then
  • we execute on your behalf and make it all happen, with a careful review of the results before the cycle repeats.

 Benefits of audience recruitment done right

Across the event lifecycle, Engage48 intelligently delivers “save-the-date” teasers, invites, reminders and post-event follow-ups, plus we can create messaging content, landing pages, live registration, handle inbound inquiries and data updates, provide comprehensive results reporting and more. Engage48 can generate the results for you that maximize event ROI:

  • Achieve and exceed event attendance targets
  • Generate more attendee leads for further nurturing or to pass to a sales team
  • Increase conversion by establishing a human connection throughout the program
  • Hassle-free highly-detailed program execution that takes no time or worries
  • Increase sales-ready leads and sales

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d) Account Based Marketing – Higher ROI with Less Risk and Waste

Account-based marketing (ABM) is widely recognized as an effective strategy for business-to-business marketers. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, 92% of companies recognize the value of ABM and see it as a “must have” for their B2B marketing strategies.

Accounts matter in B2B because there can be as many as 17 individuals involved in every technology purchase decision. You need to reach a wide range of decision-makers – from the IT help desk guy to the CEO. Within your key accounts, evangelists are promoting your company – and they are sometimes unlikely characters.

Why ABM Works

Marketers love ABM because it delivers great ROI. But there are other benefits, too. With all of Engage48’s ABM services at your disposal, there is less waste and less risk, as marketing budgets are spent specifically on the accounts that have been identified as having the most revenue potential. In addition, sales alignment is crystal clear, and it is easy to keep marketing and sales on the same page.

Generally, ABM solutions work best for:

  • Alignment – Align marketing efforts with sales targets
  • Intelligence – Gather intelligence to support sales discussions
  • Insights – Get insight into buying committees
  • Customization – Tailor messaging and content by individual and buying group

Engage48’s integrated ABM approach

Client customizes the Engage48’s ABM services. And unlike some ABM providers, that are only able to target on an account level, Engage48 offers an integrated program that allows you to target both accounts and specific individuals within those accounts.

Custom ABM solutions will include some or all of the following:

  • Data – used for internal marketing efforts, inbound campaigns, and drip marketing
  • Behavioural & intent overlays – to score your existing account data
  • Content syndication/lead generation – targeting individuals at specific named accounts
  • Retargeting & audience extensions – Continue to reach the target audience across the Web
  • Organizational mapping & data research – human research efforts against specific accounts
  • Market research – dig deeper and gain more insights with a market research survey

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Why Engage48?

Custom Business Contact List: We build the business contact list according to your requirements. We develop the contact list database when you order it. The list is not already compiled or resold. Depending on your criteria our business contact findings will be of two types. Role-Based Contact Discovery and Title Based Contact Discovery.

 Example :

  • Title: Director of Business Development;
  • Role: Experience selling at the CXO Level

 Current Database which is accurate: People change their jobs, get transferred in their current job or their contact details such as email id or telephone number change. Because of this, about 2% of the database becomes invalid every month. Since we discover the business to business contact database at the time you order it, it will be 100% accurate and current.

 High Data Quality: Each contact is phone verified hence you will never receive a not identified response.

 Multi-National- Multi Lingual Contacts: We discover the contacts from across the globe (USA, UK, entire Europe, entire Asia Pacific etc.) as per your target geographical market.

 Low-Risk Payment Option: Our payment form for contact discovery is based on Pay Per Performance model. Hence you will pay the fixed price for each contact, which is one of the lowest pricing in the industry. You can utilize the contact list for unlimited use in the future and sustain the sales campaigns.

Account Profiling – Get to know the playing field

Engage48 Account Profiling arms marketing and sales teams with insightful account intelligence, revealing your best opportunities and tips on how to target them.

Out on the field, you’ll want to shoot with confidence and precision. Our actionable account information will allow you to successfully position your product to the right players. The custom nature of our intel will allow you to tailor your message to hit the target.

Engage48 Account Profiling uses a combination of online and telephone research techniques to gather your desired data and uncover obscured facts. We can help you discover specific technologies employed, competitor installations, budgeting intel, and additional complex risk and objections. Uncover hidden sales opportunities at each of your target accounts.

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