B2B Lead Generation Services To Throttle Up Event Marketing

According to Marketing profs B2B Lead Generation Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not, events are the second most effective way to generate B2B leads. If you seek to rack in profit out of any such event, Engage48 is your ideal resort for it is one of the best event marketing companies in Austin.

Whether it’s executive events, tradeshows, conferences, webinars, virtual/on-demand events, or other event categories like user conferences, field events, roadshows, summits, symposiums, round-tables, executive briefings, channel forums and so forth – events are here to stay because they work.

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Challenges facing event marketing today

Although events are an essential part of most business-to-business marketing plans, event marketing companies today are facing more challenges than ever. Alongside the plethora of details that goes into planning an event of any kind, some of the challenges today include:

  • Smaller budgets – need to do more with less
  • Less time to get done what needs to get done
  • Increased event competition
  • Over-reliance on email: isn’t engaging optimally
  • Sales teams ain’t interested in helping with invites

The key to event marketing agency success: Engagement

Event promotion is all about getting people excited. The key component of a successful program is the ability to spread a sense of urgency and energise people. That’s why using a mix of media when promoting an event is so critical.

Because email-alone has become so cluttered, integrating it with other media like the power of voice to convey emotions and generate actions, along with media that isn’t yet overused like texts and notes, generates better results because it better engages would-be attendees.

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Using a mix of media throughout the event promotion lifecycle

Engage48’s powerful “Attendance Builder” program uses our suite of services to integrate a mix of media, touches, and tools to create a complete B2B event marketing solution for you. Our event marketing agency solutions have been built to take little of your time. All while being highly cost-effective and fully integrated into your systems. Our process involves working with your clients to:

  • design workflows that use a mix of media while supporting your existing initiatives
  • build the programs, content and integration and then
  • we execute on your behalf and make it all happen, with a careful review of the results before the cycle repeats.

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Benefits of audience recruitment done right

Across the event lifecycle, Engage48 intelligently delivers “save-the-date” teasers, invites, reminders and post-event follow-ups, plus we can create messaging content, landing pages, live registration, handle inbound inquiries and data updates, provide comprehensive results reporting and more. Engage48 can generate the results for you that maximize event ROI:

  • Achieve and exceed event attendance targets.
  • Generate more attendee leads for further nurturing or to pass to the sales team.
  • Increase conversion by establishing a human connection throughout the program.
  • Hassle-free highly-detailed program execution that takes no time or worries.
  • Increase sales-ready leads and sales.

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