Sales Qualified Lead

Things you need to remember first:

  • All generated leads are not sales qualified lead or fit for your product.
  • If you are focussed on only generating more and more number of leads, thinking you’ll get more sales leads, then you are wrong. What exactly you are doing was accumulating more haystack.
  • Actually, you are making the sales team less effective and productive by forcing them to find more opportunities.


To get a better understanding of sales qualified lead, first, you need to know what is a marketing qualified lead.


What is a Sales Qualified Lead?

Coming to the definition of sales qualified leads, A Sales Qualified Lead is a prospect who already has shown interest to buy and is ready to meet with a quota-carrying sales rep. This is typically the stage after an MQL.

In short, the difference between an MQL and an SQL is that they are ready to make a purchase.

What makes Sales Qualified Lead to differ from Marketing Qualified Lead?

An SQLs is ready to buy your product whereas MQLs are just hand raisers. But marketing qualified lead will respond to being nurtured.

Content Syndication of a Sales Qualified Lead:

Getting a qualified lead is not an easy task. We at Engage48 qualify leads in multiple stages, for example:

A lead is evaluated by our marketing specialist who showed interest in visiting pages, content downloaded and read, opened emails and Lead Scoring. If the prospect fits the team’s criteria, it means they’re marketing qualified (MQL) and they will be transferred to marketing automation for further nurturing;

Then it’s our sales team turn. They receive leads and analyze their business information in order to define if they have fit with the provided service or product. The sales team will have an opportunity and make the approach after a lead is accepted. Being a sales qualified lead (SQL), the team’s objective is to close the deal.

Stages involved in getting a customer - Engage48
Stages involved in getting a customer

Contact Generation

Recognizing the right contacts in your target markets requires dedicated efforts and specialized skill sets. It is not only costly but tedious to identify the right contacts from numerous sources of marketing data. Unverified, illegal and irrelevant contacts when approached, often lead to bad reputation, waste of time and money on the part of businesses.

Using your in-house team or outsourcing to find the ideal contact list is costly and time-consuming. Instead, if you can get the custom built a right contact list with the current and accurate data would you not consider the golden opportunity to slash down the time and get high ROI?

We offer you highly cost-effective contact discovery service to solve your lead generation problems. Our B2B contact discovery solution is different from data resellers or mailing list brokers who can just provide you with millions of ineffective contacts. In its place, we can provide you large enough custom-built business contact list which consists of name, title, company name, the physical location of the company, valid email address and contact number which have been validated by our telemarketing team.

Why Engage48?

Custom Business Contact List: We build the business contact list according to your requirements. We develop the contact list database when you order it. We don’t deliver already compiled or resold. Depending on your criteria our business contact findings will be of two types. Role-Based Contact Discovery and Title Based Contact Discovery.

Example :

  • Title: Sr. Director of Business Development;
  • Role: Experience selling at the CXO Level

Current Database which is accurate: Generally, people do change their jobs or change their email addresses or phone numbers. Because of this, about 2% of the database becomes invalid every month. Since we discover the business to business contact database at the time you order it, it will be 100% accurate and current.

High Data Quality: Each contact is phone verified hence you will never receive a not identified response.

Multi-National- Multi Lingual Contacts: We discover the contacts from across the globe (USA, UK, entire Europe, entire Asia etc.) as per your target geographical market.

Low-Risk Payment Option: Our payment form for contact discovery is based on Pay Per Performance model. Hence you will pay the fixed price for each contact, which is one of the lowest pricing in the industry. You can utilize the contact list for unlimited use in the future and sustain the sales campaigns.

Account Profiling – Get to know the playing field

Engage48 Account Profiling arms marketing and sales teams with insightful account intelligence, revealing your best opportunities and tips on how to target them.

Out on the field, you’ll want to shoot with confidence and precision. Our actionable account information will allow you to successfully position your product to the right players. The custom nature of our intel will allow you to tailor your message to hit the target.

Engage48 Account Profiling uses a combination of online and telephone research techniques to gather your desired data and uncover obscured facts. We can help you discover specific technologies employed, competitor installations, budgeting intel, and additional complex risk and objections. Uncover hidden sales opportunities at each of your target accounts.

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