B2B Sales Development

B2B Outsourced Sales Development Program

Looking to generate more revenue, consider an outsourcing sales development program to generate leads and set up the sales team for success.

As you look to increase your pipeline opportunities, you’ll realize that outsourcing sales development reps are the most effective way. Engaging in a sales outsourcing service that specializes in lead generation and sales development will allow you to hit the growth numbers you’re forecasting by providing sales resources, consulting with you to understand your ideal customer, strategizing best outbound sales campaigns for your product, and establish clear success measures and triggers.

Benefits of having an outsourced sales development program:

  • Accelerated sales growth. With a dedicated outsourced sales team operating at peak efficiency you will accelerate your sales pipeline and substantially increase your ROI.
  • Access to sales expertise. Identifying the latest talent can be time-consuming and costly. Having successfully delivered many outsourced sales campaigns, we understand the vital components required to achieve your growth ambitions.
  • Lower risk and overheads. Utilizing an experienced and reliable outsourced sales team avoids operational inefficiencies and greatly decreases the cost impact of recruitment.
  • Speed to market – If looking to launch a new product or enter a new market, management must focus its efforts on development. Partnering with an established sales team ensures a dedicated sales resource to reduce lead time and increase market share.

 The Marketo Definitive Guide to Leads Qualification and Sales Development lists the following results:

  • 5% increase in selling time = 20% revenue increase
  • 1% increase in pipeline value = 25% revenue increase
  • 15% decrease in sales cycle length = 30% revenue increase

Those statistics alone should make you consider an outsourcing sales development program for prospecting.

So, what should your organization do to ensure potential new customers are being introduced to your solution? A professional, dedicated program will ensure that a team of highly trained and motivated individuals is focused on the specific function of prospecting.

By removing the prospecting function from the sales team, your company’s salespeople would be able to focus on referrals, qualified inbound leads, their networks, cross-selling, and upselling to their customer base. These are all things that increase the revenue of your organization, but it does not require reaching out to cold prospects.

You need a team of highly skilled and focused individuals to handle the prospecting function to create more revenue opportunities for your company.

Why Engage48?

Engage48 leverages the latest sales prospecting techniques, sales technologies and time-tested processes to set highly qualified meetings for your sales team, which set you up for predictable revenue and scale your sales outreach effectively.

  • Time to Launch drastically reduced :

Our firm is specialized in prospecting which reduces the time to launch a professional sales development program.

In our experience, what it takes to set up an internal program are unique systems, tools, processes, managers, and trained individuals. It is more effective and efficient to contract to an outsourced firm that already handles this unique set-up and has a record of accomplishment of generating results for clients, as opposed to building this function internally.

By outsourcing, the time to launch goes from months to weeks to even days because we are ready to start prospecting. Additionally, your company saves money and increases efficiency by not trying to set up an internal program.

  • An Outsourced SDR Program is Flexible.

Another benefit of outsourcing the program is we can adapt quickly to requested changes. This removes the burden of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing an internal team that is not as flexible to adapt to changes.

Forming a team is the most time-consuming and costliest part of the process. However, that can be completely avoided by hiring an outsourced firm that has already recruited, hired, and trained SDRs whose sole function is reaching out to your company’s prospects.

When the reps are managed with clarity in their activities, conversion metrics, and key performance indicators (KPI), it leads to a successful prospecting function.

If there are significant changes to your program, such as reaching a new market, we are prepared to make those adjustments. We have seen it all and can make changes with little effort and almost no time delays.

Conversely, an internal sales development team might struggle to adapt without as much experience reacting to changes in the market. That could also lead to costly mistakes for your company.

  • Outsourcing Reduces the Cost of Mistakes.

When you outsource the sales development program to us, the exit strategy is much easier if a mistake is made.

Whereas, if you house the SDR program internally, a mistake in hiring or direction could have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line. All of a sudden, you have to let go of employees or re-assign individuals to other functions, which costs your company money, moral, and productivity.

With an outsourced firm, though, a mistake can be corrected with a simple phone call to change or end the program. Alternatively, you could cancel a program with one firm and try to find another firm to achieve better prospecting results.

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