Content Syndication: How We Do It

Content Syndication: How we do it - Engage48

Extensive Audience with Wide range of Buyer’s Guide Site Network


When it comes to generating leads for B2B via content marketing, syndication is a must. Let’s see how we do content syndication in Engage48. With a network that encircles a broad and growing range of websites, Engage48 continues to deliver indispensable content for Enterprise IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR Small Business, and many other B2B Markets.

We deliver e-newsletters to our audience around their specific specialty or areas of interest to effectively syndicate content.

They go through that e-newsletters, if they are interested, they come back to our buyer’s guide site network.

Through the Buyer’s Guide Site Network, our audience can register to download the content and search further for varied resources catered to their interest.

Content Syndication: How we do it? - Engage48.comThose who qualify are sent to customers as a lead.

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