B2B Content Syndication

When it comes to generating leads for B2B via content marketing, syndication is a must. Buzzwords have taken over the marketing world and the lines between content marketing and content syndication have become blurred. These are both concepts that are discussed widely among marketing experts but content syndication, in particular, can be a misunderstood concept.

The ‘rise’ of content syndication means that great content is no longer enough. You need to more than just create content, you need to make sure that it’s seen.

What is Content Syndication?

Like many marketing terms, content syndication has evolved to mean different things to different organizations. At Engage48, we define content syndication as the process of pushing your blog post, article, video or any piece of web-based content out to other third-parties who will then republish it on their own sites. This is where you take the asset you’ve created (E.g. white paper, blog post) and leverage it on different platforms as a lead magnet.

The Need for Content Syndication

Ask any thought leader or search marketer – high quality, relevant content is still one of the most important factors for ranking. B2B sites are, as a whole, publishing content more frequently every year to keep up with Google’s changes.

Now – publishing mass amounts of keyword oriented content can be great for rankings. But Google isn’t the one putting money in your pockets. Being satisfied with impressing Google isn’t enough. B2B content marketing requires walking a fine line between SEO and lead generation.

It’s vital that you can identify where your end customer consumes information and how to promote your content directly to them. It’s too passive to just publish content and hope that your readers read it and begin to associate your brand with expertise. Your content needs to be converting readers and generating leads for your pipeline.

So how can you leverage all the content you’ve created to generate leads for your business? That’s where content syndication comes in handy.

The Benefits of Content Syndication

As content marketers, it’s our job to educate and nurture our different level readers to move them further down the funnel. The content we create for our readers can range in intent – from education to individualizing your brand and value. Certain content syndication/promotion strategies vary with their different goals.

Most content marketers look at content syndication as a brand awareness strategy. The logic is that by widening the visibility of your blog posts you can spread your online reputation as an industry expert – the more authoritative you seem the more leads you’ll convert.

But this is a passive, indirect method of generating leads – at best.

If you know where and how to syndicate your content, you can leverage each piece as a powerful lead gen funnel. In B2B Marketing, it can be difficult to attribute value to certain tactics that don’t directly generate leads. So – stop looking at your content marketing as some loosely-knit brand builder and start leveraging it as a lead generating force.

Engage48’s Content Syndication Services

Engage48 syndicates your branded content such as white papers, webcasts, and other assets across a network of websites that are topically relevant to their products and solution offerings. Our audience of qualified Technology and Business professionals, who are the buyers and influencers of technology purchasing at their organizations, visit those websites and engage with that content, becoming qualified leads. See how we do it.

A wide range of B2B content marketing options allows you to reach our technology decision maker audience and perfectly align your sales leads to your sales organization’s needs.

Interested in a no-obligation conversation about our approach to content marketing distribution? Schedule a demo, our lead generation expert will revert to you.