Ebooks on B2B Marketing and Sales

A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Event Marketing

This eBook will walk you through key elements needed to plan and execute a successful, in-person or virtual event


Understanding the Modern B2B Buyer

We will walk you through 5 buying realities for B2B sales and marketing leaders to anticipate and respond to customer needs


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Introduction to Account Based Marketing

ABM is a B2B marketing ‘must-have’ now. This eBook will walk you through steps you can follow to execute ABM at your company


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How to Get Your Marketing Content Seen by Your Target Buyers

You have great marketing content, but how to reach your audience with your content? Request a copy to find out how!

Top Cold Email Templates for B2B Marketing and Sales Teams

Pitching a B2B lead? We share 25+ cold email template you can customize and adapt for your industry and target buyers

The Ultimate ABM Guide for Lead Generation at Saas companies

In this step-by-step guide, we help you discover how to level up your ABM strategy built specifically for SaaS companies.

10 Ways to Promote Your Saas eBooks and Whitepapers in 2022

Discover how to market your Saas marketing content such as whitepapers, eBooks, webinars and infographics with this eBook

Top 5 Outbound Tactics for B2B Sales and Sales Development Reps

How to build your outbound sales engine by leveling up with your prospects, leads and accounts? This eBook walks you through!

Top Cold Calling Scripts for your B2B Sales Team That Works Now

As a thumb rule, your sales calling scripts need to be concise and hook the prospect right away. What’s the magic bullet?

5 B2B Marketing Metrics Your Boss Cares About

5 B2B marketing metrics that help you prove ROI! Impress your boss and exec team with these SMART metrics they care about

6 Whitepaper Ideas for B2B Lead Generation

Think outside the box with these 6 whitepaper ideas and learn how to create engaging content that stands out and drives leads.

How to Craft a Winning ABM Strategy in 2022

Embark on an ABM strategy to help with upselling, retention, new business and higher brand awareness with this free eBook!

Growing B2B Buyer Data Points

Leverage 50m+ IT and Business Buyer Data Intelligence

We are able to leverage 50m+ buyer data, which are constantly updated through proprietary tools and global data partnerships, to power your B2B marketing programs and derive consistent quality and quantity of leads. We are also able to deliver account based content syndication programs enriched with buying group data.

Our large audience allows us to track more than 1000 install bases in both software and hardware segments. Whether you are looking for specific demographics or technographics to filter out leads, we have the tech, data and 5-step quality process to deliver the right leads for your next marketing program

Who we’ve worked with

Our team has worked on B2B lead generation programs across enterprise, mid market and startup organizations


Success Stories

“They helped with comprehensive dealer contact data across EMEA market. Responsive agency to work with”

Marketing Director

Industrial Manufacturer

“We contracted them for a blended MQL and HQL campaign. They delivered on time with agreed budget and volume”

Demand Gen Manager

Saas startup

“They generated 25+ appointments in a quarter. Good quality leads – and good folks to work with”

Sales Director

Cloud Infra Enterprise