How will the GDPR Impact Third-Party Lead Generation?

How Will GDPR Impact Third-Party Lead Generation

GDPR is coming and you need to be prepared and there is no hiding under a rock. You need to seek some of the legal advice immediately. But for those who are ready and planning their marketing strategy in a post-GDPR world, and there is one question which is roaming that is how GDPR impact third-party lead generation?
One of the requirements of GDPR is to ensure that any of your third party that is “data processors” are GDPR-compliant.

The struggle is real

GDPR will impact a B2B marketer’s lead generation strategy that is without any doubt. To simply grow your marketing database, you will need consent from your prospective customers around it. In some of the cases ‘legitimate interest’ may apply. But for lead generation activity the requirement is to gain consent from individuals and inform them that what you are processing with their personal data/information.
After the GDPR,  you will need to ensure all your new sales contacts have given consent and verified their email account to receive the communications between marketing. You can’t just buy mailing lists and add them to your database! To accelerate your lead generation, work with people who are already biding these rules and are following them.

Transparency is key

The good news is that we are already compliant in terms of our lead generation products. Currently, for any campaign we run with a partner,  with the help of resource downloads or webinar promotions, we include a clear opt-in checkbox for our readers to consent that their data will be passed onto the third party. We also provide them with the opportunity to opt out at any time. and we’ll let our customer know when this happens, so they can update their records easily and according to them.

Adding value, not selling leads

We are so passionate about providing our readers with high-quality engaging experiences and work closely with the core engaging team and partners to provide a trusted source of content; without a sales message. We found that when readers agreed to pass on their personal details to our partners, they were more engaged and sales-qualified. Because they recognized the value in the content delivered, whether it was a report download or a webinar invitation. They were also more likely to convert into a new business lead after we ran re-targeting campaigns to nurture the leads.

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