Startup Decisions: Should you outsource lead generation?

Startup Decisions for Lead Generation - Engage48

Startup Decisions: This is the tale every business owner goes through, Should you build yourself or outsource? And lead generation as a function is no different. As one of the most outsourced functions, lead generation, if done right, is jet fuel to the startup growth story.

As a startup beginning with or just growing your sales – you definitely need lead generation. The only question is – how will you collect those leads? So, for all of the startup owners and marketing heads out there, hoping that you aren’t considering cheap web scraped lists, we give you the following six reasons you should capitalize on an outsourced sales partner for your B2B lead generation:

1. Save time to focus more on sales

Lead generation takes immense time, effort and skills to produce consistent results. Engage48, as a specialized B2B lead generation vendor, has dedicated resources who do only lead generation. You can definitely take some time of your work day to generate leads, but every hour you spend takes you away from your core business. However, those hours do not necessarily mean that you will find more than 2 or 5 leads. You may think that is enough, but only 7% of all collected B2B leads actually convert.

By outsourcing your lead generation you are giving your marketing and sales teams an opportunity to focus on what they do best – create valuable converting content and sell, respectively.

Overloading your marketing team with lead generation may result in quantity, but will soon backfire in your sales which will be wasting their time with a certain number of leads that simply don’t convert, because those leads were collected inbound.

2. Less financial burden

What would be your financial burden of hiring a completely new team for lead generation? Or even for hiring additional staff to your current team? What about the cost of a trainer to get your new people up to speed?

It’s not just personnel costs either: think of all the time and budget that go into infrastructure, support and administrative costs. Those indirect, hidden expenses add up quickly, but with an outsourced lead generation partner, you don’t have to shoulder those costs – or a headache that comes with them.

3. No fixed costs – Easier budget approval

Aside from people costs or infrastructure costs of adding new people to your team, consider that sales are one of the most fluent departments in any company meaning people change jobs every 6 to 12 months. This inevitably means more money and time for you to spend on training new employees that will probably leave in a few months. And there is no guarantee that your own employees will actually deliver. They will have their own goals, problems, sick days, limitations, etc.

With Engage48 or any other reliable lead generation partner, you are only paying for the services delivered. In case you need to pause your lead generation program for a few months, you don’t incur fixed employee expenses during that time

Also, hiring additional sales team members can also be an internal approval nightmare – not only for the additional budget but also for the hiring and sanction of the new salesperson. Plus, the timing of when you need another salesperson doesn’t always align with when your management will actually approve the hire.

Instead, it’s usually easier to find an unused area of your budget – or repurpose an existing budget – to hire an outsourced lead generation team who’s available on your timing. That way, your ramped up sales cycle gets moving faster and with fewer approval worries.

4. Paying for performance only

Lead generation companies operate on different models based on client type, geography, lead program objective, lead volumes and duration etc. It’s up to you to select a good lead generation partner and negotiate an appropriate business model and delivery terms with them. You’re not paying for anything unless you specifically ask

For example, at Engage48, we provide marketing qualified leads (MQL), sales qualified leads (SQL) and B2B sales appointments on a cost per lead model. You can also ask us to craft your email campaigns, sales mailers, marketing collaterals, blog articles and other marketing assets. But those are all additional services, that you may or may not need.

5. More qualified, warmer appointments for sales

If you work in marketing, imagine this scenario: What if you could hand off not just leads to your inside sales team, but warm appointments? Not only would your sales team love you, but you also increase the credibility of your hard work in generating initial leads for your company.

Having an outsourced lead generation partner turn your leads into warm appointments for sales helps your existing sales team do more of their best work: closing final sales. Warmer appointments also mean more robust follow-up on all of your marketing efforts, and fewer leads slipping through the cracks.

6. Consistent sales pipeline and shorter time to ramp up

When it comes to the B2B sales process, every business appreciates a consistent and predictable sales pipeline and a shorter time-to-ramp and kick-off lead generation and development. An outsourced B2B lead generation partner helps make that happen for your business, acting as an effective catalyst between your marketing and internal sales teams.

When an outsourced sales partner delivers higher-quality warm appointments to your internal sales team, it reduces your follow-up time on initial leads. In addition, an outsourced lead generation team is already bought into your program, so they start kicking off your sales cycle on day one.

So, should you outsource your lead generation?

As an expert in digital technology and lead generation agency, we would always emphatically say – yes!

With Engage48, you can save enormous time and effort and get your sales teams’ plate filled with targeted, qualified leads that are likely to convert into sales opportunities for your high growth startup. You can book a lead generation program for a single project, product or service. You can hire us for a month or for a year. There are no commitments (unlike when hiring new sales/marketing employees). In case you decide to outsource, book an appointment with us to learn how Engage48 can jumpstart your sales pipeline.