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What you get in E48 Practice Management Suite?

Patient Management

Personal details:

Bio-data, contact details, emergency contact, family physician etc.

Medical data:

Surgical history, medical & psychological history, allergic history, last medical check-up history, present diseased condition, past and present drug history.

Reports & Prescription:

Reduces the burden to a patient to carry his/her old records. Patient’s records will be saved in a cloud forever.


Reminders through PMS regarding next visit to a concerned doctor through preferred communication (email, WhatsApp, SMS).

Emergency Care:

Reduces delay in treatment on an emergency situation to a concerned patient (already existing PMS records) by having his full medical history.

Doctor Management

Time Management:

Saves doctor’s as well as the patient’s time by having pre-existing medical records.

Individual patient’s graph representation:

Pictorial representation of a patient’s specific health condition. Automatic graph representation helps the team to approach in an appropriate way.

Overall patient’s graph representation:

It gives a glance on the number of patients seen, type of patients seen, number of patients diseased, lost of follow-up cases and so on.

Reminders by EMR:

Automatic Google calendar sync on patients visit.

Doctor’s safe zone:

As doctors continue to update in EMR of patient’s records and suggestions, PMS helps in keeping them safe by legal documentation.


Helpful for case presentation and other kinds of medical presentations by instant data analysis.

Mobile app:

A doctor can check his patient’s record and investigations anywhere from the world.

Reception Management


The moment the patient is registered at reception, an automatic message goes to specific doctor and department.

First visit/ revisit:

Basic info is collected at first visit and updated by receptionist into PMS by creating a new unique number. Follow-up visits need not collect basic info due to pre-existing individual unique record.

Laboratory Management

Upload reports and films:

A lab technician can upload investigation reports directly to patients record followed by automatic alert messages to the doctor. This helps the patient (optional) and doctor to keep in track.

Graph presentations:

The number of specific tests done in a period of time.


Automatic data analysis for publications.

Pharmacy Management

Drug usage:

Keeps a record of all the drugs advised by specific doctors, which helps hospital by cutting down on the illicit/ misuse of drugs. Also helps to reduce the emergence of drug resistance (which is a major issue).

Pharmacy Inventory management:

Will keep a track on medicines in and out, manufacture/ expiry/ batch number records.


Gives alert on expiry drugs date and out of stock drugs.

Hospital Management

    • Standard step for NABH/ NABL process.
    • Inter branches communication.
    • Hospital staff registry.
    • Feedback by patients.
    • Source wise appointments – Justdial, Practo, Facebook, website, referrals.
    • Email Marketing –  Surveying, Virtual Marketing, Online community, E-commerce membership, Event registration membership.